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About Us 

Stuken Auto has been in operations for 53 years. As with many longtime companies, if a business wants to stay relevant, tweaking services and products can and should be a natural evolution. Case in point: Owner Steve Sturken's father, Al Sturken, opened the business in 1960 as body shop and service and repair facility.

Over time, the body shop was booming and outgrew the mechanical side; with limited space, Al fazed out the service and repair. "At age 9, I started coming to the shop where I was first exposed to the mechanical side of the auto industry — I loved it — and basically never left," says Steve. 

At 19 while attending S.J.S.U., Steve moved into the office and learned the management-side as Stuken Auto had ceased doing service and repairs.Away from the family business for a few years, Steve returned in 1992 when he purchased Stuken Auto Body from his father. 

The shop was busy and they turned out "okay" work. "I immediately modernized the operations by adding computers and the latest body shop equipment," says Steve. "I hired new personnel, throughly trained them, and within a short time, our work performed was excellent." In 2007, Steve expanded back into the service and repair business, also adding invaluable RV service and repair to the facility's portfolio. 

"It had always bugged me that so many vehicle's we would do body work to, were in terrible mechanical condition," says Steve. "I knew I could offer much better work than what was out there. I also owned an RV and had horrible experiences when taking it to the dealer, so I wanted to be able to offer quality RV work, which is hard to find." 

The business is now called Sturken Auto Body Auto & RV Repair. Presently, auto repair and RV repair now make up 50 percent of the service center's volume. "We continue to grow every month," says Steve. "We do what we say we are going to do and to it correctly. People tell their family and friends about us." 

Steve, jokingly refers to his meticulousness as a "sickness," but maybe that's why so many Yelp reviewers love the shops' work, along the friendly and caring customer service provided.

Green Shop Philosophy 

With a degree in natural sciences, owner Steve Sturken could be teaching the subject — his mother taught school for 35 years — or looking after our local parks as a park ranger, if it weren't for his passion for the automotive industry.

You could say that Steve had a green philosophy before "being green" was cool: he was recycling newspapers in the1960s and he's never stopped recycling. "It's the way I'm wired," says Steve. "We have a limited amount of resources so we need to do out best with what we have and reuse." 

In the body shop's paint department, water-based paints are used to minimize the environmental impact; the water is also recycled. So is cardboard, all paper products, ink and toner cartridges, motor oil, freon, coolant, tires, metal, and plastic.

"Everything that can be recycled will be recycled," says Steve. "We send electrical scraps and components to an electrical scrap
house verses tossing them into the garbage." 
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